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Tips for Fixing A Paper Folder that Is Constantly Jamming Business Articles | March 12 Wholesale Authentic MLB Jerseys , 2008
If you have ever used a paper folding machine and have had it jam, you know just how frustrating the experience can be.This article is designed to give you six tips for dealing with your annoying paper folding problems.

If you have ever used a paper folding machine and have had it jam, you know just how frustrating the experience can be. Unfortunately Wholesale MLB Jerseys Cheap , this is not all that uncommon with paper folding machines. The complex set of parts and the speed with which these machines operate make them paper jam happy. However, if you have a paper folder that is constantly jamming, there is a good chance that there is something wrong. This article is designed to give you six tips for dealing with your annoying paper folding problems. 1. If the fold plates are not installed correctly into your paper folder you are almost sure to get a paper jam. If the fold plates are not firmly locked into the machine or if paper stops are not square then you may end up getting paper jams. To ensure that the fold plates are properly installed just pull them out and reinsert them making sure that they firmly click into place. However Wholesale MLB Jerseys Online , please note that not all paper folders have exposed fold plates. If your machine does not allow access to the plates it is not a good idea to tear the machine apart to try and reset the plates (your jams are most likely being caused by something else).Paper jams can often occur if there are small particles of paper left in the paper folder from a previous paper jam. If you can't seem to get your folder to stop jamming you need to check and make sure that there isn't a corner or a bunched up wad of paper stuck somewhere in the machine. One notorious place to look for a small section of paper that is left behind is inside the fold plates. Look carefully to see if you can see anything. You can even try to manually feed a sheet of paper through your folder and see if you can tell where it is getting caught. Check the rollers of your folder to make sure that they aren't covered in dust or worn smooth. Your folding machine requires friction to pick up the paper and to keep it moving. If you rollers are worn smooth then they will not be able to pick up the paper. Over time rollers can also become coated in paper dust making them less effective. The easiest way to fix this is to clean your rollers with a diluted solution of gentile soap and water. Check to make sure that the paper is not skewing somewhere in the folding process. If the paper is not being fed straight into the machine or if the paper stops on the fold plates are not square then the paper might be skewed when it is feeding through the machine. A little bit of skewing will result in a crooked fold. However, a large amount of skewing will almost always result in a paper jam. Make sure that you aren't trying to fold materials that are not supported by your folder. Believe it or not some consumers have tried to use their folding machine to fold plastic, wood Wholesale MLB Jerseys From China , chipboard and almost anything else you can imagine. Most desktop folders are designed for folding bond paper. If you try to fold cardstock, or other thicker papers (or other foreign objects) chances are you will jam up your folder and possibly ruin it. The final thing that commonly causes paper folders to jam is incorrect setup. Setting up a paper folder for a new fold pattern is pretty easy. However, if you misread the guides or invert the fold plates then your folder will most certainly jam. Some machines are a lot easier to set up than others. Just be sure to double check your settings before you try and fold a huge stack of important business letters.

These are six common causes of jamming paper folders. Check to see if one of these things is causing your folding machine to jam. If it isn't one of these Wholesale MLB Jerseys China , chances are you are going to need to have a service technician look at your machine to further troubleshoot the problem.

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